The Apprentice's Quest

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Erin Hunter
The Apprentice's Quest
HarperCollins 2016
10 righe da pagina 25:

“Maybe each of us medicine cats should speak privately with our own Clanmates,” Kestrelflight suggested diffidently. “There might be things to discuss that are private to our Clans.”
“No,” Barkface meowed gently, touching his nose to Kestrelflight’s shoulder. “We have a prophecy for all of you—one that concerns all the Clans.”
Jayfeather felt his heart start to beat faster. Not another prophecy! he groaned inwardly. Does this mean our seasons of peace are coming to an end?
“A prophecy, and a promise too,” Firestar meowed. He was staring directly into Jayfeather’s eyes, as if he knew the words Jayfeather hadn’t spoken aloud. “A time of great change is coming for all the Clans. Embrace what you find in the shadows, for only they can clear the sky.”

inviato il 02/09/2019
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Erin Hunter è uno pseudonimo collettivo usato dalle autrici Victoria Holmes, Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, Gillian Philip, Inbali Iserles, Tui T. Sutherland, Kasey Widhalm e Rosie Best
The Apprentice's Quest è scritto da Cherith Baldry (Lancaster, 21 Gennaio 1947)

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