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Kent Haruf
First Vintage Contemporaries Edition 2013
10 righe da pagina 43:

I think that'll do, he said. That'll do just fine. You know about love, I can see that. But let me just add my own thoughts. Love is the most important part of life, isn't it. If you have love you can live in this world in a true way and if you love each other you can see past everything and accept what you don't understand and forgive what you don't know or don't like. Love is all. Love is patient and bound-less and right-hearted and long-suffering. I hope you may love each other all your days of life together. And I hope you may have a great many years of those days.
They sat looking at him talk. Yes sir, we will, the boy said. He glanced at the woman. Can you perform the service now?

inviato il 05/01/2018
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