Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant

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Anne Tyler
Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant
Ballatine Books New York 2008
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While Pearl Tull was dying, a funny thought occurred to her. It twiched her lips and rustled her breath, and she felt her son lean forward from where he kept watch by her bed. "Get..." she told him. You should have got..."
You should have got an extra mother, was what she meant to say, the way we started exra children after the first child fell so ill. Cody, that was; the older boy. Not Ezra here beside her bed but Cody the troublemaker-a difficult baby, born late in her life. They had decides on no more. Then he developed croup. This was in 1931, when croup was something serious

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2008. Mi sono accorta però di aver sbagliato l'editore: Ballatine Books New York

Barbuz, anno di edizione? :)

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