Nicholas Nickleby

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Charles Dickens
Nicholas Nickleby
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Ralph Nickleby was looking down at his hands all this time. He said nothing. The room was now dark. No one speak, and then suddenly Nickleby got up ad walked quickly out of the room and out of the house. Outside it was a windy night. He went back hime. Inside the large, dark, cold house he tried to imagine the son that he once had, as a little boy, playing on the floor. He tried to imagine the wife that he once had, making dinner for the three of them. But his eyes came back to his house, empty of love, as it really was. Just then, the church bells outside rang midnithg. Nickleby went to the window, and looking up at the bells, he shouted, " Ring, bells! Ring for the coming in of every year that brings this terrible world nearer to its end!"
The next morning they found him with a rope round his neck, hanging dead in his kitchen.

inviato il 29/08/2012
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