The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs. A New History of a Lost World

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A FEW HOURS BEFORE LIGHT broke on a cold November morning in 2014, I got out of a taxi and pushed my way into Beijing’s central railway station. I clutched my ticket as I fought through a swarm of thousands of early-morning commuters, my nerves starting to jangle as the departure time for my train ticked ever closer. I had no idea where to go. Alone, with only a few words of Chinese in my vocabulary, all I could do was try to match the pictographic characters on my ticket to the symbols on the platforms. Tunnel vision set in, and I barreled up and down the escalators, past the newsstands and noodle joints, like a predator on the hunt. My suitcase—weighed down with cameras, a tripod, and other scientific gear—bounced along behind me, rolling over feet and smacking into shins. Angry shouts seemed to come at me from all directions ...

inviato il 12/12/2018
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